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Best Options for Selling
Your Home in Colorado Springs

Alternative Real Estate Solutions

Alternative Real Estate Solutions in Colorado Springs

If You Need to Sell Your Home Fast

It is important to know ALL of your options when you are considering selling your home. After all it is the single biggest investment people have. Depending on your particular situation it may not be practical to list your home, due to time constraints, financial position or relocating issues. We offer a variety of solutions that may fit your needs.

Investment Opportunity

We have the capability to offer our clients the option of placing their home or other real estate they own into property management. We have a full time management team that can take the worry out of this process.

We offer our clients a reasonable rate, screen each and every applicant, monitor the properties and can customize the lease to your specifications.

Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Colorado Springs

No Hassle Purchase

In the event you are not in a position to list your home and need to sell quickly, we have the ability to purchase homes. This can be done in instances where you may be relocating soon and do not have the time to put your home on the market and wait for closing.

Sometimes clients do not have any equity or can’t afford to make the necessary repairs to put their homes on the market; we can purchase homes in any condition and there is usually no need for an appraisal. Loss of job, change in household income or unforeseen circumstances can lead to situations that leave you unable to afford mortgage payments. Even if you are behind in payments or looking at foreclosure, we can help.

There is no situation we can’t manage.

Property No Hassle Purchase in Colorado Springs