Declutter! A Must for Successful Home Sales

Selling In Tight Markets – Timely Advice

Whether you’re a seller in a “hot” housing market, or a “cooling” one, put your home’s “best foot forward” to maximize profitability and return on investment. Get the most for your home. It’s important to remember that buyers do judge books by their covers. Sellers, before putting your home on the market, consider a home facelift!

To make your house look as neatly presented as possible, roll up your sleeves and clean and scrub diligently. If fancy renovations and repairs that often make resale prices jump are just out of the question, one thing’s for sure: a sparkling clean home is one of the finishing touches than can give your return a potential boost.

Think “curb appeal”, or the details that make a model home. Bright, clean, squared-away presence. If your home has cobwebs in the eves, door has a hole and the paint on the fence is peeling, your bargaining power drops.

If your flowerbeds are tidy though, and everything is clean and fresh and bright, you’ll likely be rewarded with buyers who want to come in and see more. Why?

A prospective buyer can get a very clear impression of how well the home has been maintained by the first sight of it as they drive by. Clean, neat, cultivated, squared-away is everything, and curb appeal hits the buyer’s hot buttons like nothing else. Think model home. When a buyer sees a model home, it makes a huge difference in what they’re willing to pay.

To get your home in the best possible shape for sale, consider tackling a few of the projects below.

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