Selling Your Home in a Down Market

Selling your home can be very stressful,  especially in a down housing market. If the house needs repairs, that only adds to the stress. Many people do not mind buying a house “as is”. They enjoy fixing up the place to their liking. The first step in understanding how to sell a house as is, would be setting a realistic price range. You may have to drop your initial asking price if the home needs a lot of improvements. Prospective buyers will have the home inspected, and these improvements will need to be adjusted. Once you feel that your home is reasonably priced taking into account all the major repairs, you can begin to make small updates, which will make your home more presentable.

The first thing you need to do is to clean the home from top to bottom removing all the clutter. Make sure when you are cleaning that you pay special attention to high traffic areas, especially the walls.  Painting the walls will go a long way in brightening up a home. The walls will appear clean and fresh. Choose neutral, soft colors as these are much more appealing. Take time to clean up the yard. Weeding, mowing the lawn and pruning the bushes will help to give the home more curb appeal. Adding a few special touches like a throw rug, some flowers in a vase and candles will also lend a homey feel.

You also may want to take this time to pack away your personal items. This will free up a lot of space and will help the prospective buyers envision their own personal items in the home.  If you are experiencing challenges selling your home in a down market, contact ………., at (719) 445-9687. We buy houses in Colorado Springs, in any area, in any condition!

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