The Best Months to Sell a Home in the United States

When deciding to sell your home, timing is key. When you decide to sell your home, your first goal is likely to get it sold as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to know what time of the year is best to put your home on the market. One of the worst mistakes a homeowner could make is setting their expectations too high, when in reality the home could have been sold in a quicker time frame if it were placed on the market at another point in time. If you’re considering selling your Colorado Springs home soon, these are the best months to do it are typically in the springtime.


Though it’s different depending on where you’re located in the nation, studies show that nationwide the spring months of March, April and May are the best times of the year to get your home sold. Following the spring months, the summertime is another great time of the year to put a home on the market. Results for home sales during the months of June and September are particularly high, though not as high as in the springtime. The same studies show that the worst time of year to sell is typically throughout the winter months. November and December are the months that yield the worst results when it comes to selling a home.


It’s suggested that you do research based on where you live to see when is best to sell your home. For instance, cities within the mountain time zone have the most success during the month of may. The answer to the question of when is best to sell your home may differ. If so, you should research the timing of when home values surge before making the commitment to putting your home on the market. The timing of when you decide to sell could have a serious impact on how long your home stays on the market. If selling your Colorado Springs home fast is important to you, doing the research will be more than worth it. Doing research on when your home has the best chances to sell in your community will also make planning easier. If you know you have to put your home on the market in May or June, you can plan to start getting renovations done around January or February. Being able to map out the process of selling your home is an asset you can’t put a price tag on.


By taking the time to appropriately plan the process of putting your home on the market, you’ll be able to explore all of your options regarding selling your home. If you aren’t quite sure of the options you have in terms of getting your home sold, planning then becomes even more crucial. After concluding your research on when would be best to sell your home, research all of the options for selling your home too. You may be able to save yourself time and funds by exploring all of the available options for selling home in Colorado Springs.

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