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Property Contract Negotiations in Colorado Springs

Property Contract Negotiations in Colorado Springs

The Contract Negotiation Process

Negotiating your deal is one of the most critical aspects of your real estate journey. It's also one of the parts of the process where your agent's experience can make the most dramatic difference. Your home purchase or sale, probably one of the biggest financial transactions you'll make in your life, is not the time to test rookie negotiation skills.

Here are just a few things agents, as professional negotiators, know that help them reach the best closing agreement for you.

Property Contract Negotiation in Colorado Springs

Knowledge is Power

In addition to their in-depth knowledge of the market and valuing a home, your DK Team will have dug into public records about the property and the neighborhood. We will also look into the buyer's motivation. Knowing things like whether the buyer is under pressure to move quickly can help shape negotiating strategy.


Sometimes a quick response to an offer is critical. Other times, it's best to keep the other party on the hook. Knowing which strategy to employ is crucial in negotiations.

Objectivity is a Must

As a professional negotiator, your DK Team is able to control the process without being affected by the emotions that swirl around real estate transactions for buyers and sellers. Among other potentially expensive missteps, inexperienced negotiators can reveal too much info to the other party, especially during intense, fast-moving negotiations.

Contract Negotiation Process in Colorado Springs

What to Ask For

If you don't ask for something, you won't get it. As your advocate, your DK Team will know how to ask for things like concessions and repairs in a manner that's most appealing to the other party.

Long Closing Date

As a seller, if you are considering accepting a long closing date,we may suggest increasing the amount of earnest money stipulated in the contract. Also, you'll want to consider adding the additional months' mortgage you'll be paying to the asking price.

With years of negotiating experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Springs market, your DK Team can build a sales timeline that works to your benefit, both financially and logistically.