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Prepare Your Property for Sale

Once you have decided to list your home and the price point has been set the next step is to get it show ready. Many agents may tell you to move everything out and strip down any and all personal belongings. This in not always practical or feasible. We have a very detailed list of ways to get and keep your home presentable without a lot of inconvenience. While a little more attention may be needed on a daily basis it will be worth the few extra steps to make sure your home shows well and sells quickly.

It is important to remember the potential buyer is looking for their new home and needs to see themselves living there. Having too much clutter tends to distract their attention away from the home itself. Keep it simple and if in doubt remember “less is more”. Even if you are using a professional stager, we want you to be able feel comfortable with how your home is projected. We want you to be able to feel confident when potential buyers tour your home there is nothing left to chance.

In the event you have already moved out of your home and is vacant, we will be able to advise you through getting your home show ready with a professional stager. This is not a requirement but can add that special touch to project a homey feel.

Once your home is ready for the market it will need to remain show ready. So you will want to make sure the daily items are kept neat and tidy as well as making sure the exterior items are not forgotten; The yard is watered/mowed regularly, snow is shoveled from walkways, and any newspapers or garden hoses and toys are picked up.

The key to a successful showing is to make your home inviting and let the buyer know you want them to feel comfortable. Take a minute and walk through your home and look for things you feel may be distracting or unappealing. Are there rooms with too much furniture? Are there odors from pets? Are the windows clean? Are the countertops cluttered with too many appliances/dishes. While not everyone has the same taste is décor the main objective here is NEAT, CLEAN AND TIDY! Keep in mind, even if your home is not just right for that particular buyer, their agent has other clients searching for homes so we want that realtor to be impressed too! They may have another buyer that they will bring back!

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