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Showing Your Home in Colorado Springs

Showing Your Home in Colorado Springs

The Showing Process

You can request as much or as little notice as you prefer for showings. You can decline any showings that you wish but keep in mind the goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible and the more it shows the more likely it is to sell. Usually a one hour notice is best but we can accommodate any time frame that works for you.

Showings are scheduled weekdays and weekends. The latest a showing can schedule is 8:00pm. If you have time restraints and need to have a limit on days or times we will post it on the MLS for the agents so they are aware when scheduling a showing.

It is preferred that you are not home during the showing. They are more likely to stay a while and imagine their new life in the house if you are not there. The agent will be with the buyer during the tour.

If you have pets, please have them crated or take them with you. Not everyone is comfortable with pets or may be allergic.

Put away any personal items you have out including laundry, dishes, and even toothbrushes. Also it is always a good idea to not leave items of value laying around such as cash or expensive jewelry.

If you are able to leave some lights on prior to the showing, please do. It adds to a welcoming atmosphere.

The agent will leave their business card, turn off lights and lock up when they leave. We will contact the agent to get their feedback as well as their client’s thoughts. If they intend on making an offer they will typically let us know verbally. Any feedback we receive will be forwarded to you. This feedback is an important tool to determine what people like about the home or if there are specific areas we need to refocus on.

If you need to change or have any special considerations for showings while your home is on the market please let us know and we can update the showing staff accordingly.

Property Showing Process in Colorado Springs